Robles Trail System

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Level: Intermediate (3B)
Special Note: Parking on Ajo is NOT permitted. Remember, you can reach Robles from Starr Pass, too!

  1. Robles Trail Map
  2. 6′ Culvert | 4′ Culvert
  3. Cascabel Trailhead | Creosote Trailhead
Robles Trail System

Incredible scenery around Robles. Photo by Scott Morris.

Robles Trail System

All the singletrack you could want! Photo by Scott Morris

Robles Trail System

How the Camaro Loop got it's name. Photo by Scott Morris.

The Robles Pass addition to Tucson Mountain Park is a 1,000-acre parcel purchased by Pima County from voter-approved bond funds. Approximately 16-miles of trails have been built, and it is one fun trail system! The Camaro Loop was designed for hand-cycles so it’s perfect for those new to mountain biking.

Trail difficulty ranges from beginner level (Creosote, Cascabel and Camaro Trails) to advanced, the most challenging of which is the Flight Path Loop. In addition to the parking noted on the map, the trail can be reached by taking the Explorer Trail two miles from the Starr Pass Trail (near the northeast corner of Cat Mountain) to the Six Foot culvert under Ajo Road. Be aware, the Explorer Trail requires high intermediate to advanced skills.

Directions: There are a few trailheads for access, and the easiest would be Irvington Road at the Creosote trailhead with multiple parking options. Up Irvington Road a bit will be the Cascabel trailhead, with room for 2-4 vehicles. Note that parking on Ajo is NOT permitted!

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