Dead Bobby

The name may sound strange but it has a special meaning to the originator of this system. Bobby was the dog that accompanied Bryan on his rides for many years. The system is a memorial of sorts to this wonderful animal. It is the name Bryan wants for the system and he has done much of the work establishing it.

Be warned, this system has not been maintained in years and very well might be difficult to follow. But if you’re up for the challenge, we’d love to hear if it’s still a viable and fun system to ride.

A wonderfully open area of rolling hills, some beautiful canyons, and ridges. Most of the trails follow cow paths and are somewhat difficult to follow at times. Do not let this bother you because it is virtually impossible to get lost even if you do happen to get off the “trail.” It is easy to see the main road and you can go down any ridgeline to get back. The Oracle Highway is on two sides of the system (west and north). As of this time there are approximately 30 miles of single track. Some very fast and flowing, others wander up the ridgelines or through the canyons. Some have flagging a few are well ridden in and others require you to “hunt out” a cow path. Do your best to stay on existing trails and cow paths although this may not be possible at all times.

This area is similar in difficulty to the Golder Ranch / 50 Year Trail system. It does not attract a large number of riders, which is unfortunate, and is similar in elevation to the Golder Ranch system (only a few miles up the Oracle Highway).

Directions: Go north on the Oracle Highway to Oracle Junction and park in the large dirt lot at the shopping center. Go directly across the Highway (east) to the entrance road (gated) and climb over it. The trail lending into the system is next to (north) of the large, white building.