Chiva Falls

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Level: Intermediate (3C)
Special Note: This is a popular route for motorized recreation, so the trails are now basically double-track and be aware of where you are among all the social trails and paths.

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Chiva Falls

Chiva Falls after a rain.

Chiva Falls

It may not be a breathtaking route to get here, but it's worth it!

Chiva Falls

After another short climb/alternate route, this is the view.

This is a wonderful cool weather ride. If you can go shortly after a winter rain it is really spectacular. Mostly jeep trail with a lot of traffic from off road vehicles and hikers. A little of something for every ability level and the ride can be done by almost every ability level although there may be some hike-a-bike for those not in great shape. The ride up to trailhead #1 is the worst part of the trip. Redington Road is miserable. You may want to park at the end of the pavement and ride up to Trail Head #2, about 7.5 miles of fairly tough climbing. This jeep trail looks VERY DIFFICULT at the beginning. Don’t be scared away, it gets easier. It might be a good idea to print out a copy of the map.

Directions: Take Tanque Verde East until it becomes Redington Road. From the end of the pavement you have several options: 1) Park there and ride (It’s a long, tough climb!); 2) Go as far as you dare in your car and then ride; 3) Go all the way up to the trailhead and park, which is 4.5 miles up Redington Road from where the pavement ends. There is a Corral on the left and a large, cleared parking area on the right which will probably have cars in it. The second trailhead is about 3.5 miles further up Redington Road. It is also on the right, but not as well marked and has a much smaller parking area.

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