Charouleau Gap

We’re not sure how often this trail is used, and it mainly double-track used by the local Off-Roading enthusiasts. It is tough physically and technically (the downhill portion near the top has the potential for serious injury – it is very steep and also covered with loose rocks), and has one heck of a climb. There are two elevation profiles for this ride. The first takes you 6 miles up, to the top of Charouleau Gap (the second cattle guard), and the next takes you to a “Y” in the trail about 3 miles down the other side. You can also connect to it from the Golder Ranch – Middlegate area.

Directions: It is easy to find for anyone who has ridden in the Golder Ranch area. When going toward the parking on Golder Ranch Road turn North (left) on Lago Del Oro instead of heading all the way up the hill. Take Lago Del Oro until you run into the parking area on the East (right) side of the road for Charouleau Gap. You will pass the Miraval Spa on your right. It is about 3 miles along Lago Del Oro and just before you get to Saddlebrook.

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