Baby Jesus

The Baby Jesus loop is best ridden when recent rain has firmed up the sandy single track climb and the two sections which cross the Sutherland Wash. The climb from the Baby Jesus Trailhead up to the Window Rock is steep at times and sections require walking the bike. The views on the climb are beautiful, so take your time and enjoy. Because of the incredible rocks, it is becoming a bit more of a freeride area, and if that is what you’re heading up to do, remember to tread lightly and stay on established routes.

Directions: From Ina and Oracle go north until reaching the Golder Ranch Trailhead. Ride east on Golder Ranch Road after the parking lot cattle guard and you’ll come to a corral. Ride east on the jeep road leaving the corral for .5 miles, bearing right at the fork. Continue on the jeep road, crossing a cattle guard and continuing along, choosing the “better” jeep road as you approach the bottom of the hill. This area has many large cottonwood trees. Follow the jeep road south along the west side of the wash until just BEFORE it crosses a large (75 ft wide) intersecting wash. Turn east here (about 1.4 miles into the ride), cross the wash you’ve been following and look for a trail leading southeast up the bank away from the wash. Please note: From our latest reports, this trail is RARELY ridden (used more by hikers) and can be very overgrown at times.

Once on the trail, it is generally easy to follow but beware of the occasional cow path that branches off from the main trail. The path up out of the Flat Rock Meadow is especially tricky, as it turns briefly east before continuing south to the intersection with the Sutherland Trail. Don’t be fooled by the cow path leading initially west.

If you elect to ride the trail as an out-and-back, simply retrace your steps after reaching the Sutherland Trail – or from the Flat Rock Meadow which makes a nice place to stop for a snack and rest. If you want to do the loop, follow the Sutherland Trail west and downhill until reaching the State Park gate at the Sutherland Wash crossing. Follow the signs from there to the 50 Year Trail. Turn north on the 50 Year Trail to return to the main trailhead parking area.