Fantasy Island

Helpful Goodies

Level: Beginner to Intermediate (1A – 2B)
Special Note: Fantasy Island is State Trust Land, so you need a permit.

  1. Fantasy Island Trail Map
  2. Valencia “Bunny Loop” Trailhead
  3. Main Trailhead at Harrison and Irvington
  4. Video of Lone Cactus Loop – Video by jkorza
  5. Video of Bike Monk Dedication – History of Fantasy Island

Fantasy Island Trails,  Tucson

A table, map, medical kit and other goodies are available at the North trailhead.

Fantasy Island Trails - Tucson

Keep an eye out for random goodies along the trail. This group gathers at the intersection of the Southern Bunny section, and the main Northern section.

Fantasy Island Trail System, Tucson

There are a couple tricky spots (mostly wash crossings like this) in Fantasy Island, including The Shaft. It’s steeper than it looks!

Fantasy Island’s main loop, Lone Cactus, has many side loops off of it so you can pick the mileage you want to do. All loops have a varying degree of technical areas, with nothing being super technical, though keep your eyes open for sudden more technical sections. If you are a true beginner, it’s best to head to the Southern entrance and start out on the Bunny (see directions below).

Fantasy Island is a ONE-WAY trail, counter-clockwise. Please do not ride in the opposite direction! If you get tired or need to head back to the parking areas, the next intersection is never far away. Keep an eye out for all the great hidden treasures along the trail. Old cars, bikes, toys, furniture, and don’t forget to ring the cow bell hanging over your head at the beginning of Burro!

The loops in order are: Lone Cactus (6.6 miles), Bunny (5.5 miles), Snake Dance (1.5 miles), Bunny’s Revenge (1.5 miles), Rez (1.5 miles), Fire (2 miles), Christmas Tree (1.5 miles), Burro (2.3 miles) and Bo’s (1.5 miles). Burro is the most technical as it has an over & under, a rocky wash section and a few other goodies. All northern loops (Cactus, Christmas Tree, Burro and Bo’s) have lots of short hills that will get your cardio going. The rest is very flat, fast and fun. If you ride all the trails, you’ll have ridden close to 26 miles!

Night riding is permitted, and it’s quite fun! SDMB usually puts on a Last Saturday night Ride. All trails are all pretty easy, though watch out for some washed out areas, cactus, and snakes in the summer. A State Trust Land permit IS required to ride at Fantasy Island. While it is not strictly enforced, if you plan to use this trail often (or any others like Golder, 24-HOP, etc) you should purchase a State Land Permit.

Directions: Main Trailhead at Harrison and Irvington: On the South side of the intersection of Irvington and Harrison Roads. There is a small paved parking lot in addition to plenty of dirt parking. The Southern Valencia “Bunny Loop” Trailhead is on the North side of Valencia Road and Frost Drive, with a small dirt parking lot.

Google Map – Fantasy Island Trails

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