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The Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists is pleased to offer a $1000 grant available to Pima County residents and organizations with the intent of bettering the local biking community. For more information, see our Advocacy Page.


Tucson mountain biking trails are some of the best in Arizona! Below you will find a fairly comprehensive list of the major trail networks. Many systems have numerous loop options, so we’ve posted the most popular and known routes. If you’ve got a trail you’d like to share, just use the contact form and we’ll get back in touch with you for details. Rides are rated based on technical and aerobic difficulty. Overestimating your fitness and skill can make the ride unpleasant (and even dangerous) for you and for the other riders. Read the skill rating chart below.

Love to ride, but want to help, too? Take a look at our Trail Advocacy section and volunteer your time to help Tucson continue to grow as a premier cycling destination.

The Arizona Trail

If you are interested in this amazing 800-mile Trail that extends the length of Arizona, head on over to the official AZTrail website. A number of the rides below include sections of the AZTrail, but we’ve also listed specific sections of the Trail depending on your location.

Trails North of Tucson – Mt. Lemmon, Catalina, Oracle, Willow Springs

West of Tucson – Tucson Mountains

East of Tucson – Rincon Mountains

South & Southeast of Tucson – Santa Rita Mountains

Trail Rating System


  1. Slight rolling terrain
  2. Rolling hills, no long climbs, low elevation
  3. Hilly, longer/more climbs, possible higher elevation
  4. Sustained steep climbs and/or higher elevation, advanced riders only


  1. Smooth trail/jeep road
  2. Some technical challenges but mostly nontechnical
  3. Lots of technical challenges (e.g. big/loose rocks, ruts)
  4. Highly technical, advanced riders only

Tucson Mountain Biking Trails WIKI

Chad started a Tucson Mountain Biking Trails WIKI for keeping track of all of the trails in the Tucson area. Currently, the Tucson Mountain Park, Golder Ranch, Fantasy Island, Rillito and Santa Maria trail areas have significant sections described and mapped into Google Earth. A color coded rating system similar to “The Map” has been used for the Google Earth file. Each trail is linked to a corresponding entry in the WIKI that contains further description and ratings. If SDMB members would be interested in knowing of or contributing to this resource, please do so!

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