Thirsty Thursdays are coming!




Is there anyone that does not like beer out there?

Yeah, that’s what we thought!





Come drink some Ales and help build some trails!
We are going to start a monthly brewery tour called “Thirsty Thursdays” on, 
you guessed it, a Thursday.


So join us for the first one at Ten Fifty-Five Brewing on July 27th.

These generous Breweries are looking to give back by donating $1.00 for each beer sold.
Make sure you come thirsty!
We will work our hardest to acquire cool raffle prizes. The SDMB EZ-up will be there with merchandise, Swag and folks eager to let you know about the latest projects and developments. 100 acre woods (a bike park right in Tucson), XC race course out in Vail, Big wash into Honeybee, more trails at TMP, and of course maintaining it all. There is plenty of work to keep us occupied for a while, but we need your support to make it happen.


And because Tucson is home to over 20 breweries, there will be plenty of variety to go around! Already signed on are: Catalina Brewing CompanyCopper Mine Brewing Co., and Public Brewhouse.

Got and Idea for a Brewery? Maybe you own one and want to help out?
Please get a hold of us at so we can get to coordinating and making fun times happen!

Events are posted on Facebook at:

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