SDMB 2008 Year in Review

General Update – 11/11/08

Lots of great things going on in SDMB! We continue to have good turnouts for our Last Saturday Rides and last month’s Bike & Brats is fast becoming one of SDMB’s epic events. A big thank you to everyone how came out, and especially to Hank for putting it on again!

For all SDMB members… don’t forget about our upcoming Holiday party December 13th.

We still have some jerseys, socks and NEW t-shirts for members. For non-members… you can purchase socks at these local, awesome bike shops:
– Arizona Cyclist – 5350 E Broadway in Plaza at Williams Centre
– Arizona Bicycle Experts – 2520 E. 6th Street
– Fairwheel Bikes – 1110 E. 6th Street
– Oro Valley Bicycles – 12985 N. Oracle, Ste 105
– Sabino Cycles – 7045 E. Tanque Verde, Tucson, AZ 85715

And we are proud to announce a fantastic new “Dry Heat” t-shirt (see link above) through the cooperation of SDMB, TucsonMTB, and Epic Rides. Drawn and designed by SDMB member (and webmaster), Graeme Hunt, this is one strikingly cool T! Orders taken through the website is for SDMB members only, but if you’d like one, come on out and visit SDMB’s booth at the GABA Bike Swap meet on 4th Avenue this coming Saturday the 15th! Limited quantities for this first run (though we’ll print more as demand increases.)

Happy Veterans Day! To celebrate the service of our Vets, those who were lucky enough to have the day off work, enjoyed a ride through the Sweetwater area. Thanks to one of our Vets, an SDMB founding member and our chief trail-builder, Mark Flint, for these photos of the ride. (click on the photo to see the others).

9/02/08 Update

Mining Reform

Whether you agree or disagree on the Rosemont Mine Issue, we can all agree that 1872 Mining Law is outdated and should be revised to reflect our society’s current values.

Please take some time and educate yourself on this local hot topic.

9/02/08 Update

Last Saturday had a great turnout!

We had a great turnout for the August Last Saturday ride at Fantasy Island. Thanks to everyone from SDMB and who came out. You can check out the photos here.

From August 2008 – LSR – Fantasy Island
From August 2008 – LSR – Fantasy Island

8/05/08 Update


Zach ordered a ton of super-sweet SDMB/AZtrail socks for club members! If you haven’t already purchased them along with your jersey, now’s the time.

5/10/08 Update

SDMB & TucsonMTB Cinco de Mayo party!

Brian Vance was generous to offer his place for a super-sweet Sweetwater ride and Cinco de Mayo party. In Brian’s own words: Was that fun or what! Great day everyone, proud to be part of such a fun group of people. Food was great, great ride, good looking people all around, a few good jokes, no injuries on the stunts, no fights, and the toilet seat is relatively clean still. Makes for a good day in my book. We didn’t do the pinata, no one got into the tequila, and no nudity though. Maybe next party. Chuck and Jobie did a good job with the public speaking and gift giving (especially since I won something). I had also meant to mention that we had 4-5 birthday people in the group that day; Happy Birthday to y’all! Thanks Chuck and family for doing ALL the leg work on this. I like this catering thing, much easier than someone spending their whole time cooking. Thanks to Jobie for helping me carry those logs to build the stunts. I’m also very grateful for Jobie, Tim still being there and Jerry who came back to help break everything down last night. I was in no shape to do that myself. But I actually feel pretty good today. That mtb riding and clean living pays off!

3/10/08 Update

Sweetwater Map and Description!

Mark and crew have been working very hard at creating some sweet (pun intended) singletrack to the West. The Sweetwater trails still aren’t complete but there is already enough out there to have a lot of fun.

1/16/08 Update

January Meeting

What a great way to start off the year for SDMB! We had 30 people show up to listen to our guest speaker, Sergio Avila of the Sky Island Alliance group, talk about mountain lions and their territory. It was fun and informative.

From Jan 2008 – Club Meeting
From Jan 2008 – Club Meeting

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