McKenzie Ranch Update 3-9-18

McKenzie Ranch Update 3/5/18

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The 6.5-mile North Loop at McKenzie Ranch is done and ready to ride, and we want lots of wheels on it to get it bedded in! McKenzie is a beginner-friendly XC trail system that, when completed, will be open for competitive MTB race events. In April we will start construction on the 4-mile South Loop, and there will also be a connector trail over to the Gabe Zimmerman TH.

Pima County is working hard to get the permanent parking lot developed, but there have been delays and it sounds like it will be late April at the earliest before it’s done. In the meantime, we are going to try an experiment– we are going to use the open area by the water tank (familiar to anyone who has come out for a build day) as a temporary parking area. There is a locked gate at the turnoff from Red Hill Ranch Road.

THE COMBINATION TO THE LOCK ON THE GATE IS 6935. We need to keep it locked when riders aren’t there in an effort to keep motos off the trail, but mountain bikers are welcome to open the gate and park by the water tank.

To get to the trail from the water tank, head back towards Red Hill Ranch Rd.  The trail crosses the access road a little ways before the gate.  The North Loop is designed to be ridden clockwise- you can ride it counter-clockwise but yield to clockwise riders.

Some other tips and guidelines:

-Lock the gate if you are the last one out.
-No camping at the trailhead.
-If you get locked in, contact phone numbers will be on the gate.
-Be courteous and respectful to other trail users and to drivers on the road.  DO NOT SPEED ON RED HILL RANCH ROAD!
-Don’t block the access road or Red Hill Ranch Road in any way.
-If there is motorized traffic on the trail, or any shenanigans at the lot, we may lose access until the permanent lot is developed. DON’T BE THAT GUY/GAL WHO RUINS IT FOR EVERYONE!

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McKenzie Ranch Directions: From I-10 Exit 281 (SR 83 South): At the top of the exit ramp, turn left and head over I-10, then turn right onto Marsh Station Road. Pass the Gabe Zimmerman Trailhead (3 miles) and proceed to Red Hill Ranch Road (another 4.7 miles). There is a red painted rock at the turn, and a quarried hillside. Turn left and head North on Red Hill Ranch Road. Cross the railroad tracks (CAUTION!), and bear left to stay on Red Hill Ranch Rd. after the cattleguard. The dirt road where the trailhead will be located is on the right 1,000 ft. after the cattleguard. It is a total of 1.7 miles from Marsh Station Rd. to the trailhead. Turn right off of Red Hill Ranch Rd. (go through the gate) and drive about 1/3-mile in to the temporary parking area.  Park in the clearing by the water tank.

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