Ironwood Forest Management Plan – MTB’s Could Lose – Write Now!

You may have seen notice of the proposed management plan for the Ironwood Forest, comments due 9/2. This plan would limit bicycle use to existing doubletrack roads exclusively! It would have the effect of excluding 90 miles of beautiful single track within the Ironwood National Monument and sets a bad precedence for mountain biking in southern AZ. SDMB has led rides out there over the years since our inception, bike packers love the solitude and the possibilities for exploration, and it is a unique place where human powered quiet recreation opportunities are appropriate to enjoy the land with minimal impact to it or the floura or fauna. And it help mitigate issues relating to illegal motorized use, northerly migration, trafficking, dumping, etc…

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Here is some background from the document. For information on Trails, check out page 11 of the NEPA document. The only mention of bicycles is on page 24:

Non-mechanized Non-motorized Uses 3.13
Monument roads, primitive roads, and administrative roads are available for non-mechanized non-motorized use, including foot, horse and mountain bicycle. Livestock and human-pulled wagons and carts may also be used on these routes provided that the route is physically suitable for passage without improvement or causing damage to Monument objects. Use of non-motorized mechanized methods of transport (bicycles, wagons) is prohibited on non-motorized trails.

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