Hohokam Trail Overview/Update

Hohokam Trail Overview/Update:

Now that we are finished with the 6.5-mile North Loop at McKenzie Ranch, SDMB and Pima County NRPR trail builders are focusing on the Hohokam Trail, which will connect McKenzie Ranch with the Arizona Trail near the Gabe Zimmerman TH and Cienega Creek.  This will be an important connector in the area, as it will allow for bigger rides and moreconnections between the various points of interest in the area.  It should also be possible (still being explored) to use Agua Verde Rd. to connect from the Hohokam Trail to Colossal Cave Mountain Park, potentially creating a big loop/lollipop where you can start at Pistol Hill or CCMP, ride the AZT to 3 Bridges, take Hohokam to McKenzie and back, then head up Agua Verde Rd. and back through CCMP.

For now, Pima County only owns the land from Red Hill Ranch Rd. to Agua Verde Rd., so the initial part of the Hohokam Trail will be 3.4 miles.  From there, it will be about 2.4 miles of dirt road and gasline road to connect to the AZT as it climbs out of Cienega Creek.  Please see the attached map.

As with McKenzie Ranch, we have used the Sweco mini-dozer and a mini-excavator to do the rough work, and the finish work is being done by hand crews.  There is an Americorps NCCC crew working full-time through the end of March, and we also have 3 volunteer events planned for the next 3 weekends.  Please consider taking a Saturday or Sunday to come help us finish Hohokam!  Volunteer event dates and details are in the comments.

Once we finish Hohokam Trail, we will start construction on the 4-mile South Loop at McKenzie Ranch in early April.  We will be doing volunteer events to do the finish work from April into the summer—stay tuned for dates and details.

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