SDMB 2009 Year in Review

11-05-09 Update

Annual “Earn the Right to Pig-Out” Thanksgiving Ride!

November 26, Thursday (Thanksgiving). 3-B, 12-15 miles. We’ll hit the west side of Tucson Mountain park and ride a couple of hours to make room for all that turkey. Meet at 7:30 a.m. at Bianchi’s parking lot, NE corner of Speedway and Silverbell, or 7:50 at the parking area G9 on Gates Pass Road. Email Jon if you plan on attending.


Holiday Party/Gift Exchange Announced!

Our 2nd annual Holiday Party, Ride, Picnic, and Gift Exchange is revving up to go! Check out the details on our Events page.


Race Across the Sky

On October 22nd, experience a One Night Event in movie theatres nationwide featuring the debut of “Race Across the Sky” – a documentary covering the 2009 Leadville Trail 100 bike race, one of the most intense endurance races of all time – and hear candid conversations with Lance Armstrong, Chris Carmichael, Dave Wiens, and other elite and amateur cyclists who overcame extreme challenges to participate in this grueling race.

In addition to the panel discussion from elite cyclists, listen to extraordinary stories from amateur cyclists who will move and inspire you. Stories include a Leadville woman who was critically injured training for the 2008 Leadville Trail 100 and came back to compete this year; a 45+ year old man who has competed in the Leadville Trail 100 for 15+ years, and a woman struggling with MS.

Shot and shown in high definition, witness breathtaking aerial views as the camera crew follows the competitors biking over 100 miles of dangerous mountain terrain through extreme climate changes ranging from heat to hail and rain to snow, two miles above sea level.

You can view the trailer and buy tickets for the Tucson showtimes here. C’mon out, get a bag of popcorn, and watch this amazing movie on one of the world’s most grueling mountain races!

10-13-09 Update

October 31st’s Last Saturday Ride – Tucson Mountain Park West!

Burn off some calories before you plunder all your kids Halloween candy! Overall this ride will be at the intermediate level (2-B); but there will be a couple options for riders somewhat above or below that level. Distance should be about 6-8 miles. Meet Chuck at parking area K-16 which is the where Gates Pass Rd. dead ends in to Kinney Rd. near Old Tucson. If we have filled up that area, backtrack up Gates Pass Rd to another parking area and ride down to K-16. Meet at 8 a.m. Please let Chuck know if you plan on making it. Hope to see you there!

10-5-09 Update

September Last Saturday – Recap

What a great turnout! We had 15 folks show up for the fantastic weather and great singletrack out at the Golder Ranch/50-Year Trails. A few started from Catalina State Park and met us at the Golder Trailhead, where we got rolling before the heat hit. A couple new riders to Tucson (welcome!) and a couple who hadn’t ridden the 50-year at all. Martha, our fearless leader, led us from the trailhead over through the Chutes and then up Middlegate and back around.

Keep an eye out for October 31st’s Last Saturday Ride – TBA!

9-9-09 Update

September’s Last Saturday Ride – September 26th – Golder Ranch/50-Year

September’s Last Saturday Ride will be taking place at the Golder Ranch/50-Year Trail. Those present will dictate what trails we ride. We will break into two group to accomodate varying riding levels if needed, with Jobie heading up to the more technical Upper-50 area, and Martha leading the lower “Chutes” group. Time is FIP (Feet in Pedals) and ready to go at 7:00am sharp. We will meet at the Golder Ranch Trailhead.

August’s Last Saturday Ride – Recap

We had a good turnout for August’s Last Saturday NIGHT ride at Fantasy Island. Eight riders, a few of which were new to night riding. The weather was perfect and the pace easy. We saw quite a few jackrabbits, lots of field mice, and were shadowed by a very vocal pack of coyotes for a short time.

8-13-09 Update

New Photos added to our online album

We uncovered quite a few old SDMB photos from 2000-2006 (including the originals from which we created this fun animation from) and uploaded them to our Picasa album. Hop on over there and check out some of the memories!

From 2000 and Older Riding
From 2001 Riding

8-13-09 Update

August’s Last Saturday Ride – August 29th – NIGHT RIDE at Fantasy Island!

Have you experienced the thrill of mountain biking at night? The trails that you’ve become accustomed to take on a completely different life in the beam of a headlight. August’s Last Saturday ride will be taking place at Fantasy Island and starting 7:00pm, August 29th, “Feet-in-Pedals” at the North entrance (Irvington and Harrison). This will be a beginner friendly, no-one-left-behind ride, and distance will depend on who shows up and what we want to do. Come prepared with water, and a light of at least 15watts and a 2-hour burntime. The club has ONE light we can lend out for the ride, so please contact Graeme to reserve the light.

7-31-09 Update

July Last Saturday Ride Recap – Aspen Draw on Mt. Lemmon

Once again, we had a great turnout of folks that wanted to beat the summer heat and ride some cool forest singletrack on Mt. Lemmon. Thirteen guys and one brave gal showed up, and despite some exciting lighting/thunderstorms and rain showers, we managed to get three full runs on Aspen Draw trail. A few spills and thrills, but thankfully no permanent injuries.

Below are a few photos from the event and the rest can be seen here. If you have any photos of the event to share, e-mail them to the webmaster.

From July 2009 – LSR – Aspen Draw
From July 2009 – LSR – Aspen Draw

7-25-2009 Update

July Last Saturday Ride – Aspen Draw Loop!

We’re going to beat the heat by heading up the mountain again for July! We will meet at Le Buzz Coffee Shop (Tanque Verde & Catalina Hwy) at 7:00am to arrange shuttles up the mountain (Mount Lemmon pass will be required on vehicles heading up the mountain). We will leave one vehicle in Summerhaven, and shuttle riders to the top, where we will do the Aspen Loop Trail, returning and shuttling for at least 2-3 runs. While this is a moderately strenuous (some climbing) and technical (some tight switchbacks and a few log obstacles), it’s all rollable and much cooler than the valley floor! NOTE: because it is monsoon season, we are starting early – in the event of inclement weather, the ride may be shortened or cancelled. Contact Hank if you plan on attending.

6-23-2009 Update

New Trails Added to the Trails Section

Take a look at our three newest trail descriptions… Green Mountain, Bug Springs, and Prison Camp/Molino trails. All fantastic rides up on Mt Lemmon!

6-22-2009 Update

Redwood Creek’s “Greater Outdoors” Project Update

As you know, SDMB had been driving support and votes to help the Arizona Trail win Redwood Creek’s Greater Outdoors Project’s $50,000 Grant to help complete the trail. Although we led the contest by a wide margin for most of the contest, the New Orlean’s voters caught up fast and passed us in the last week. We want to extend our sincerest congratulations to them. The results can be seen here. Thanks to everyone for your votes!

6-16-2009 Update

June Last Saturday Ride 6/27 – Tucson Mountain Park!

For June, we’re going to meander around in Tucson Mountain Park, a popular destination for local riders. TMP has a little bit of everything… rocky descends, smooth singletrack, technical areas, climbs, and some great views. It’s starting to heat up so we’ll have an early start with FIP (feet in pedals) at 7 a.m. at the main parking lot and expect 3-hours or so of ride time. Map and Ride description here. Remember, all SDMB social rides are beginner friendly and no one is left behind. If there will be speed demons among us, we can always break up into groups based on skill level. Contact Graeme if you’re planning on riding with us.

6-8-2009 Update

May Last Saturday Ride – Aspen Draw on Mt. Lemmon

Howdy folks, well we had another great Last Saturday Ride at Aspen Draw on Mt. Lemmon with 11 or 12 riders. We left Le Buzz Coffee Shop around 8:15, dropped cars at Molino and met at Summerhaven at 9:15 to drop more cars for shuttling. Meadow has a nice rolling start, to the log roll, then through the only flat spot in the Catalina’s – a nice grassy a meadow at the top, then the trail gets tricky, lots of rocks, roots, tight switchbacks, fallen trees, it’s a fun short drop to the fire-road with incredible views. A quick climb back by the cars and the ski lift to Aspen Trail. It is truly all down hill from here. Aspen is fully rideable with some steps, water bars, tight switchbacks and roots. Not too bad, steep at times. The trail is in good shape. We encountered a few hikers on a busy Saturday but we stopped or slowed and everyone was friendly. No one seemed to mind sharing the cool temps one bit.

After Aspen, we rolled down Turkey Run Rd. to the cars for a second shuttle. Round two was mostly the same with a couple detours to see the sights. The Lemmon Rock Fire Lookout Tower is the oldest active Fire lookout in AZ. We left the bikes at the Wilderness boundary and walked a couple hundred yards for the incredible views of Wilderness of Rocks. As we approached the small
(200 sqft) cabin at the top, we were graciously welcomed in for the 2-minute tour and fire science lesson with Glynn Thompson. He’s about the nicest guy you’d ever meet, well worth the trip.

Three of us left after the second run, while the rest shuttled down to Prison Camp for the grand finale to Molino. Everything worked out great, the weather was a perfect 75-80 ish degrees with some clouds and the threat of rain which never materialized. Only one casualty, an OTB on Meadow resulting in a split lip.

Below are a few photos from the event and the rest can be seen here. If you have any photos of the event to share, e-mail them to the webmaster.

From May 2009 – LSR – Aspen Draw
From May 2009 – LSR – Aspen Draw

5-18-2009 Update

Lee’s Bicycling Summit Trip on MBAA Web!

As you know, our very own Lee Blackwell made the trip to Washington, DC for the Bicycling Summit. The Mountain Biking Association of Arizona posted his thoughts in this great article. Take a few moments to give it a read. If you’re not already a member of MBAA, we encourage you to join!

5-12-2009 Update

May Last Saturday Ride – Aspen Loop Trail on Mt Lemmon!

Don’t forget about May’s Last Saturday Ride, due to take place up in the cool upper elevations of Mt Lemmon! Aspen Loop is a short but super-fun, worthwhile ride. Take a look at the ride here. Block out 4-hours or so on the morning of Saturday, May 30th for this great ride. We’ll be meeting in the parking lot in front of Le Buzz Coffee Shop on the NE corner of Tanque Verde and Catalina Hwy. at 7:30-7:45 am to head up the mountain by 8:00 am. We can figure out cars and ride vs shuttle arrangements then, depending on who all shows up. Should be loads of fun! Contact Zach if you’re going to attend.

Tucson and some SDMB members are mentioned in the June 2009 Bike Magazine!

Head to your local newsstand and pick up the latest copy of BIKE magazine. Inside you will find a great article on Southern Arizona Mountain Biking and our very own Mark Flint, Jobie Gross, Scott Morris, and others are mentioned. If you catch them on the trail, maybe they’ll autograph your issue, eh?

SDMB Cinco de Mayo Dos Ride/Party = Food, Fun, and Freakin’ Awesome Trails!

We had nearly 40 folks show up, bringing bikes, kids, and dogs to enjoy the 2nd annual Cinco de Mayo ride! Brian Vance generously hosted yet again, and the potluck-style grub was perfect. A huge amount of tasty dishes were consumed by everyone after their sweet ride at Sweetwater, only a couple miles from Brian’s front door. Folks also enjoyed the Ninja Trail, a short loop Brian built around the perimeter of his property, complete with jumps, log-rolls, tabletops, and teeter-toters! It was especially entertaining to watch/hear riders’ reactions to a special hidden treasure Brian stashed along the trail: A 6′ long rubber rattlesnake!

A special thanks to Todd at Epic Rides for donating water bottles, which we used to water the plants at the Sweetwater trailhead.

Below are a few photos from the event and the rest can be seen here. If you have any photos of the event to share, e-mail them to the webmaster. Thanks, and see you again next year!

From 2009 – Cinco de Mayo
From 2009 – Cinco de Mayo

4-23-2009 Update

New Belgium Urban Assault was a Huge Success!

A good number of SDMB-folk both volunteered and participated in the kick-off Urban Assault thrown by New Belgium Brewery. Despite the negative spin the local media put on it, the event was NOT about drunken bicycling. We are very proud to have been a sponsor for this, and we invite New Belgium back anytime! Click here to see the photos. You can also Tucson_UAR_Report (300k PDF)

From 2009 New Belgium – Urban Assault
From 2009 New Belgium – Urban Assault

4-6-2009 Update

Fantasy Island Celebrates 10-Years Today!

Possibly Tucson’s most well-known trail – Fantasy Island – celebrates 10-years today! It’s been the center of quite a bit of controversy and it’s still around, thanks to the hard work of many dedicated folks. The battle to develop the land is on hiatus due to our down economy, but the war is far from over. Why don’t you take a few hours and take a spin to celebrate?

Fantasy Island Banner

4-1-2009 Update

Help the Arizona Trail Win a $50,000 Grant!

Please help spread the word so the ATA can win a $50,000 grant that will help build the Arizona Trail! Tonight (Wednesday, April 1st) at midnight EST voting will start on a competition among five finalists to win a $50k grant.

Find out how to vote here…

3-28-2009 Update

March Last Saturday Ride – Bug Springs

Brian Vance led a group of 20-or so riders of all skill levels up Mt Lemmon to partake of the Bug Springs goodness. Despite the painful hike-a-bike, the swooping, fast downhill afterwards had smiles plastered on all faces. As Brian wrote himself:

Great ride today! There was about 20 of us. Lot’s of bug springs newbies, all seemed glad to have done the hike-a-bike for the pine trees and views payoff. Several folks played on the rocks up top, everyone rode most of the trail down, very fun group today! Glad to have met several new people, and to ride again with the not-new people. Hope to see you out on the trails again soon!

  • One witnessed car wreck on the way to Le Buzz.
  • *One torn tire, shot blok pack booted.
  • One cracked frame (probably done before this ride).
  • One endo, no pain.One crash, bloody arm and a pretty deep hole on the knee (sorry, no pics).
  • One nude trail runner.
  • One beer each for after the ride (well, almost. some sharing happened)
  • One pitcher of Dos Equis Amber at El Molunito before we floated the keg
  • One too many bowls of salsa
  • A couple tired dogs and lots of happy riders at the end.

Take a look at these sample photos from the ride, and don’t forget to view the rest on SDMB’s online photo album.

From March 2009 – Bug Springs
From March 2009 – Bug Springs

3-7-2009 Update

Bicycling Summit in Washington, DC

Our own Lee Blackwell was recently sent to Washington, D.C. to attend the League of American Bicyclists and IMBA Bike Summit. It was a very educational and eye-opening event. We encourage you to read Lee’s own account of his journey there. Special thanks to SDMB, Epic Rides and MBAA for paying Lee’s way.

3-6-2009 Update

New Belgium Beer’s Urban Assault Ride

An exciting event! April 19th is the New Belgium Beer’s Urban Assault Ride…benefiting SDMB and GABA! We need volunteers to help out with the course… so contact Zach if you’d like to volunteer. Even if you don’t, we encourage you to participate or just come out and watch the assault.

2-23-2009 Update

We’re going through some growing pains currently, and our website will have a slightly different look and navigation in the near future.

2-10-2009 Update


One of Epic Ride’s most popular events is only a few days away. If you haven’t participated, you’re missing out on quite an experience. Whether you get a chance to ride, volunteer or witness the extravaganza, make a point to come out and share. Keep your fingers crossed for good weather.


Site Updates

We had another great year at SDMB with some fantastic trails built, some great parties, and great riding all around. We’re all looking forward to making 2009 another great year. Join us in helping make Tucson one of the country’s best places to ride!

Splash Screen – A new splash screen has been created with easier navigation to our four main social/ride pages. All of our previous social rides) Bike N Brats, Cinco de Mayo, Picnics, Holiday Party, etc) are now grouped together in their own page. You’ll also notice a NEW section:

Trail Love Corp (TLC) – SDMB is not just about riding, but being advocates for proper trail building and use. How many times have you been out riding and come back with ripped clothes and skin from catclaw and “waitaminute” bushes? Be a part of the Trail Love Corp, and sign up for a section of your favorite local trail. Throw a pair of snips in your pack and when you come across overgrown sections, take a moment to snip it back. Five-extra minutes will help keep ALL of our trails clean for everyone.

New Trails Look – Take a gander at our Trails section, as the rides have been updated with a new page design, which makes for easy printing and viewing. Elevation profiles and GPS tracks have been added where we can. If you’ve got a favorite ride not listed, GPS files, or photos, please send them to the webmaster.

2009 IMBA Summit

Hi everyone,

The League of American Bicyclists and IMBA conference is a done deal. I learned a lot, accomplished some things on behalf of all cyclists. I think it behooves every citizen to visit DC at least once to see how it all works. Thanks again to SDMB, Epic Rides and MBAA for paying my way.

The conference started off with a bang as I attended a special IMBA session specifically about the bikes in Wilderness issue. Jenn Dice of IMBA asked attendees to share success stories from home. She kept the meeting moving and a lot of very good information was shared in the two hour session. The participants were able to get the ideas verbalized without a lot of rambling.

Here are a few of the ideas which came out of that 2 hour meeting.

* Team with local landowners,
* Create conservation areas as an alternate to wilderness.
* Stake your claim to the area, in other words, get out there, use the area, introduce it to others,
* Talk to your county supervisors, know your allies, be proactive,
* Write your own land use bill.

A few other ideas: Don’t assume that e-mails and forums are private even within a club. In light of this it is good to always take the high ground in discussion even in the club forums. Kirk the lawyer for IMBA shared a story about how a long negotiation was destroyed by a member of a club who just blasted a congressman who had been on the edge of decision but the terrible blog ended all the hard work which had been done. IMBA lost the negotiation. Another point made was the value of a printed club newsletter. A club newsletter looks impressive to legislators.

Next we joined the main conference of the League of American Bicyclists. There were about 500 people from all over USA. At this point I met Gene Holmerud and the other Arizona delegates. He is from the Coalition of Arizona Bicyclists. Gene did all the scheduling for the 5 delegates from AZ to meet with 2 Senators and 4 Representatives on lobbying day. It was lot of work doing that scheduling and I really appreciated that effort.

We had dinner in a big room and watched a slideshow of bicycling in Copenhagen, Denmark. Copenhagen was seeing decline in cycling about 25 years ago. The city made a big effort to reverse that trend and now cycling and walking is increasing every year for day to day commuting and recreating. When it snows in Copenhagen the plows work the bike lanes before working the streets. One thing I noticed in the pictures, very few people wear bike helmets. Nothing was said specifically in the presentation but he did make one interesting comment. He said “don’t talk so much about safety” when promoting bicycling to government. He did not elaborate but I thought it was a very interesting comment.

Next came the hard part . The main purpose of the summit is to network with cyclists and to lobby Congress for better laws for cycling and for continued funding. There are many funding mechanisms. Many of the attendees are already familiar with the funding, it was a swirl of acronyms. I tried to read and absorb the “issue papers” The “issue papers” were:

* America Bikes Agenda this has to do with how the gas taxes are distributed
* Clean TEA this has to do with climate change legislation
* Complete Streets this is policy to be sure that bikes are considered in design of new streets
* Bike Caucus We ask our Congress members to join
* Recreational trails funding. IMBA specifically asked us to lobby for continuation of this source.
* I was being asked to lobby for this stuff but I barely understood it my self. I did my best. I know more now.

On Wednesday we had “breakout sessions”

I got to see a session on some clubs in Washington and NY efforts to build bike parks in urban areas. Very impressive parks,

There was a session on getting developers interested in funding trails in their developments. Lot’s of cost benefit statistics.

Later we went to a speech by Larry Seltzer. Very well delivered and moving speech about kids in nature. It may be that a whole generation of kids is growing up never touching soil, always under close supervision, not knowing nature.

Thursday was Congress day. We all gathered at the Capitol and then dispersed to our Senators and Reps. We met with Senator Kyle’s staff, McCain, then over to the house side where we met with Giffords, Pastor, Shaddeg, Mitchell. It was interesting how each office was different. Some staff seemed knowledgeable and interested, others seemed to be just putting in the 20 minutes.

Here was the really fun part. It was so great to pull out my stack of personal letters about the Wilderness and place them on the desk. The letters were very, very effective and I think above everything we did they got attention. Thanks so much to everyone for writing those letters and getting them to me.

In conclusion, the summit is great for making connection to our Congress to remind them of all cyclists. I learned a lot too. A dedicated and sustained effort can bring change. I need to contact all the offices we visited and ask if they considered the points brought up. Bikes in Wilderness, America Bikes Agenda, Clean TEA agenda, Complete Streets, Bike Caucus, and Recreational Trails Funding, Safe routes to Schools funding.

I think IMBA is going where the people are, where the potential members are. Bike Parks, Gateway Ride parks, trail networks. The reality for most of the country is that it is urban, crowded and many people are going to ride close to home at a bike facility. Most people do not have the luxury of riding in grand remote places. The numbers who do that are small and even less have contact with IMBA. The language IMBA uses when referring to protecting a trail is that it should protect “significant mountain biking opportunities. ”

IMBA is doing a good job, the staff is energized and competent. They are the only organization we have and deserve our support. That said, I believe we need to work with IMBA to keep attention to what I think is the heart and soul of mountain biking. To explore the unknown, take some calculated risk, feel the power of nature, maybe go where few have ever gone on a bicycle. If we lose the possibility to do that we lose the soul of the sport.

Lee Blackwell

SDMB 2008 Year in Review

General Update – 11/11/08

Lots of great things going on in SDMB! We continue to have good turnouts for our Last Saturday Rides and last month’s Bike & Brats is fast becoming one of SDMB’s epic events. A big thank you to everyone how came out, and especially to Hank for putting it on again!

For all SDMB members… don’t forget about our upcoming Holiday party December 13th.

We still have some jerseys, socks and NEW t-shirts for members. For non-members… you can purchase socks at these local, awesome bike shops:
– Arizona Cyclist – 5350 E Broadway in Plaza at Williams Centre
– Arizona Bicycle Experts – 2520 E. 6th Street
– Fairwheel Bikes – 1110 E. 6th Street
– Oro Valley Bicycles – 12985 N. Oracle, Ste 105
– Sabino Cycles – 7045 E. Tanque Verde, Tucson, AZ 85715

And we are proud to announce a fantastic new “Dry Heat” t-shirt (see link above) through the cooperation of SDMB, TucsonMTB, and Epic Rides. Drawn and designed by SDMB member (and webmaster), Graeme Hunt, this is one strikingly cool T! Orders taken through the website is for SDMB members only, but if you’d like one, come on out and visit SDMB’s booth at the GABA Bike Swap meet on 4th Avenue this coming Saturday the 15th! Limited quantities for this first run (though we’ll print more as demand increases.)

Happy Veterans Day! To celebrate the service of our Vets, those who were lucky enough to have the day off work, enjoyed a ride through the Sweetwater area. Thanks to one of our Vets, an SDMB founding member and our chief trail-builder, Mark Flint, for these photos of the ride. (click on the photo to see the others).

9/02/08 Update

Mining Reform

Whether you agree or disagree on the Rosemont Mine Issue, we can all agree that 1872 Mining Law is outdated and should be revised to reflect our society’s current values.

Please take some time and educate yourself on this local hot topic.

9/02/08 Update

Last Saturday had a great turnout!

We had a great turnout for the August Last Saturday ride at Fantasy Island. Thanks to everyone from SDMB and who came out. You can check out the photos here.

From August 2008 – LSR – Fantasy Island
From August 2008 – LSR – Fantasy Island

8/05/08 Update


Zach ordered a ton of super-sweet SDMB/AZtrail socks for club members! If you haven’t already purchased them along with your jersey, now’s the time.

5/10/08 Update

SDMB & TucsonMTB Cinco de Mayo party!

Brian Vance was generous to offer his place for a super-sweet Sweetwater ride and Cinco de Mayo party. In Brian’s own words: Was that fun or what! Great day everyone, proud to be part of such a fun group of people. Food was great, great ride, good looking people all around, a few good jokes, no injuries on the stunts, no fights, and the toilet seat is relatively clean still. Makes for a good day in my book. We didn’t do the pinata, no one got into the tequila, and no nudity though. Maybe next party. Chuck and Jobie did a good job with the public speaking and gift giving (especially since I won something). I had also meant to mention that we had 4-5 birthday people in the group that day; Happy Birthday to y’all! Thanks Chuck and family for doing ALL the leg work on this. I like this catering thing, much easier than someone spending their whole time cooking. Thanks to Jobie for helping me carry those logs to build the stunts. I’m also very grateful for Jobie, Tim still being there and Jerry who came back to help break everything down last night. I was in no shape to do that myself. But I actually feel pretty good today. That mtb riding and clean living pays off!

3/10/08 Update

Sweetwater Map and Description!

Mark and crew have been working very hard at creating some sweet (pun intended) singletrack to the West. The Sweetwater trails still aren’t complete but there is already enough out there to have a lot of fun.

1/16/08 Update

January Meeting

What a great way to start off the year for SDMB! We had 30 people show up to listen to our guest speaker, Sergio Avila of the Sky Island Alliance group, talk about mountain lions and their territory. It was fun and informative.

From Jan 2008 – Club Meeting
From Jan 2008 – Club Meeting
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