SDMB 2009 Year in Review

11-05-09 Update Annual “Earn the Right to Pig-Out” Thanksgiving Ride! November 26, Thursday (Thanksgiving). 3-B, 12-15 miles. We’ll hit the west side of Tucson Mountain park and ride a couple of hours to make room for all that turkey. Meet at 7:30 a.m. at Bianchi’s parking lot, NE corner of Speedway and Silverbell, or 7:50 at the parking area G9

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2009 IMBA Summit

Hi everyone, The League of American Bicyclists and IMBA conference is a done deal. I learned a lot, accomplished some things on behalf of all cyclists. I think it behooves every citizen to visit DC at least once to see how it all works. Thanks again to SDMB, Epic Rides and MBAA for paying my way. The conference started off

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SDMB 2008 Year in Review

General Update – 11/11/08 Lots of great things going on in SDMB! We continue to have good turnouts for our Last Saturday Rides and last month’s Bike & Brats is fast becoming one of SDMB’s epic events. A big thank you to everyone how came out, and especially to Hank for putting it on again! For all SDMB members… don’t

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