If you have a trail that you ride regularly and would like to give something back to our sport, join the Trail Love Corps and deliver some ‘TLC’ to that trail. SDMB will be coordinating TLC Events around Tucson’s trails depending on their need for attention. You can also help by picking up trail trash and letting us know when a trail is in need of some help.

Take a look at this handy list… it is your Bible! Remember, people know we’re out there taking care of the trails and it reflects badly upon us if it’s done wrong.

Trail Love Do’s

  • Pick up trash (each ride leave with more than you brought in). This includes tubes! If you get a flat, don’t just toss your old tube, carry it out with you. If you see a discarded tube, pick it up and think of it as a “ghetto stans” tubeless freebie.
  • Remove pieces of cactus from the trail (move far away, as they will sprout new growth).
  • Throw pieces well off the trail, or, better yet, toss them under a similar tree/bush so it looks like natural vegetative dropping.
  • Kick away loose rocks (fist-size or larger) that can be hazardous to unsuspecting users.
  • If more work than what can be done with hand-trimmers appears to be needed, contact the representative TLC contact!

Trail Love Do Not’s

  • DO NOT remove any embedded rock (your “cleaning” is someone’s “sterilizing,” plus adds to erosion. If you can’t ride it, walk it.
  • DO NOT re-route lines without experienced supervision/approval (Making new trail, even if a short bypass, in most places violates land-use rules and if in excess can lead to trail closure – at best, it just scars the land).
  • DO NOT uproot live cactus/trees just to make a more convenient line (many plants are protected, and again, if you can’t ride it, walk it).

IMPORTANT NOTE: We’re not talking about adding new sections of trail, rerouting trails or “sanitizing” trails here. The first two would require the prior approval of the land manager and Trail Steward and the last would bring the wrath of your fellow riders down upon you. If you see ANY trail user group (bikers, hikers, or equestrians) modifying trails, kindly ask them what group they’re from and let us know so we can take the appropriate measures.