1. Zach MacDonald – President (email the President)
  2. Brian Vance – Vice President (email the VP)
  3. Jeff Handy – Secretary (email the Secretary)
  4. Bert Ehrmann – Treasurer (email the Treasurer)


  1. Martha Lemen – Access/Mgr Advocacy (Email Advocacy Director)
  2. Cat Greene – Events (Email Events Director)
  3. Evan Pilling – Trail Love Corps – TLC (Email TLC Director)
  4. Todd Sadow – Corporate Liason
  5. Graeme Hunt – Marketing, Communications & IT/Webmaster (Email Marketing Director)



(Zach, Brian, Jeff, Bert)

  • Foster overall involvement in club & Board. Regular open meetings & board meetings
  • Board Benefits
  • Short Term & Long Term Planning. Succession Planning, recruitment & leadership development
  • Liaison between SDMB, other organizations, media, government agencies. Be more vocal Spokesperson for SDMB
  • Communicate Meeting Minutes to Club List-serve.



  • Promote riding
  • Encourage club membership to lead & participate in rides, organize & attend events
  • Help organize and participate in social events (i.e., Bike & Brats, Cinco de Mayo, SDMB Town @ 24HOP, Goodie bag stuffing, skills day, other tabling opportunities)
  • Beginner Skills Education
  • Youth involvement


(Martha, Evan)

  • Represent in other groups (PTA, BAC, GABA, etc.)
  • Stay Connected w/ Gov’t Agencies: Local, State, & National policy makers & land managers. Partnership w/ other advocacy groups, recreational user groups
  • Trail Building/work: AZT, Trail Maintenance (brushing), Volunteers for work
  • Trail Love Corps (TLC)Work with land managers to develop consistent trail signage throughout Tucson & surrounding areas
  • Arizona Trail
  • X-Mas Locks
  • Trips-for-Kids
  • International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA)
  • Take a kid Mountain Biking Day
  • Bike Patrol
  • 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo Volunteering
  • Forest Service Outreach


(Bert, Martha)

  • New membership recruitment & retention
  • Encourage participation
  • Work to develop new energy within individual & business memberships
  • Encourage youth involvement & new riders
  • Foster friendships/connections within SDMB & partner organizations to cross-promote
  • Create incentives to join & renew



  • Balance SDMB Budget – plan of incoming & outgoing funds.
  • Research & develop 501c3 Non-Profit Status.
  • Manage & track expenses & fundraising efforts.
  • Accountant Services: Treasurer/Book keeper



  • Public relations, visibility & community exposure
  • Member retention: Club cohesiveness, Internal Communication, Promote regular open meetings, rides, events
  • Identify membership wants / needs: Surveys, etc
  • Disseminate information via List serve, web site, newsletter, forum
  • SDMB logo placement: Banners, Schwag (Socks, T-shirts, stickers, SDMB Tatoos, water bottles, Cholla-combs, etc)
  • Encourage local shops to promote SDMB & develop ways to better promote local shops, member discounts, etc


Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists
P.O. Box 65075 Tucson, AZ, 85728-5075